Christchurch-based Married At First Sight alumni Ray Wedlake shares his tips and tricks to surviving lockdown and he gets his hands busy with DIY and keeps his eyes off social media! “Everyone’s way of coping is different so try not to compare yourself to everyone else on Instagram!” 

Tell us about your Level 4 Lockdown!
In my bubble is my loving partner and a boarder, both working from home.

During Lockdown, I like to write a list of jobs to get done around my house. These are all those little and not so little jobs that you always put in the too hard basket and procrastinate doing. I feel like I’m making the most from these lockdowns by getting these done and ticking each one off as I complete them. This helps me with keeping my mental health in check, as I am someone who loves to keep busy and having a list helps me see my accomplishments. That being said however if I want to have a lazy afternoon eating a bag of chippies watching movies I do and I don’t feel bad about it!


What are your top tips for express readers who are struggling with self-isolation?
I would suggest keeping in contact with people, someone you can trust and talk freely and openly to without judgement.
Also like I said above try not to put pressure on yourself. You want to watch movies then do it, you wanna eat those chippies or ice cream then do it. There are no rules of what’s right and wrong so just do what makes you feel comfortable and whatever helps you get through these uncertain times. Everyone’s way of coping is different so try not to compare yourself to everyone else on Instagram.

What is the most positive aspect of self-isolation you’ve experienced so far?
This for me is managing to get all my jobs around my house completed and making it look respectable again as sometimes in life we are too busy with life and work and other things get neglected.

What plans do you have between now and the end of lockdown?
Along with more chores around the home plus just do what I want whatever it be to get through. I also find just a walk around the block is a great way to clear the mind, keeping socially distanced of course!

What are you missing most about ‘normal life’?
I’m honestly missing the most just routine and being able to work and meeting all new people. I find staying still in one place very hard.

What will be the first thing that you can’t wait to do when regular life resumes? Throw a party!!

Moving forward is there anything you think you will change about your life following self-isolation?
I’ll probably try put time aside for myself and as much as level 4 is a lot (!), it’s taught me to love my own time and enjoy it.

Is there a closing message you would like to share with our gorgeous LGBTI+ community?
Love yourself, don’t worry what others on social are up to, just do what makes you feel happy and helps you cope, we are all different and no one is judging your coping mechanisms or the fact you didn’t gym this week. If you are struggling don’t hesitate to holla out, always happy to chat!